Impact Wrestling Results (9/08/20) – Tag Team Chaos, EY vs. Dreamer

Impact Wrestling Results & Reactions – (9/8/2020)

The show opens with a recap of Eric Young dethroning Eddie Edwards last week, while EC3 continues to torment Moose.

The new World Champion Eric Young makes his way to the ring. Young stakes his claims as Impact’s new leader before Alisha Edwards interrupts. Alisha calls EY a coward and says Eddie will come back stronger, but right now he isn’t who he was. EY says he doesn’t care, so Alisha slaps him. EY grabs her for a piledriver until Tommy Dreamer makes the save and chases him off with a kendo stick. Dreamer challenges EY to end his career tonight.

Rosemary, Bravo, and Taya discuss planning a demon wedding backstage.

TJP def. Chris Bey via pinfall.

  • Rohit Raju made his way out to watch at ringside. Bey attempted to use heel tactics and ref distractions early on.
  • After more back and forth, TJP puts Bey in a small package for the three-count.

Madison Rayne welcomes Johnny Swinger back to Locker Room Talk, followed by Kylie Rae and Susie. The conversation is quickly interrupted by Deonna and Kimber. A challenge is made for a tag match. Rayne ends the segment as Swinger moves closer.

Tasha and Kiera torment Bravo about Taya.

Brian Myers grabs a mic in the ring. He calls out Willie Mack to shake his hand like a true pro. Mack comes out and challenges Myers to an impromptu match.

Brian Myers def. Willie Mack via pinfall.

  • Myers has to wrestle in his street clothes. Despite that, he wrestles like the true pro that he is.
  • Myers low-blows Mack while the ref is turned around. Myers covers for the three.

Jordynne Grace questions where Tenille Dashwood has been. Grace asks the crew to follow herr as she looks for Tenille. Grace bangs on her door and out walks Kaleb Konley, Tenille’s personal photographer. Tenille will appear next week.

Taya tells Tasha and Kiera to stay out of her business.

Impact Tag Team Championship Match: Motor City Machine Guns (c) def. The Rascalz via pinfall to retain.

  • The Rascalz get a jump start by diving onto Sabin & Shelley on the ramp. Dez and Wentz are showing a new edge for this title match.
  • Despite becoming the underdogs early on, MCMG fight back and manage to hit their finisher to retain.
  • Post-match, The North attacks MCMG and then Austin & Fulton get in on the attack. The Good Brothers make the save and clear the ring. The Rascalz leap out onto The North, Ace, and Fulton. The Racalz, Good Brothers, and MCMG stand tall in the ring.

RVD and Katie Forbes announce next week will mark the premiere of The Whole F’N Talk Show. Elsewhere, Sami Callihan says he’s going to hack their show.

Taya Valkyrie def. Tasha Steelz via pinfall

  • Lots of banter throughout the match following their issues earlier.
  • Taya picks up with the win with Road To Valhallah
  • Kiera attacks Taya after until Bravo gets in to break them up

Flashback Moment of the Week shows EC3 & Eddie Edwards vs. Mike Bennett & Moose in 2016.

Old School Rules: Eric Young def. Tommy Dreamer via pinfall

  • This is a non-title match with “old school” rules. Several weapons from chairs to trash cans to tables are used.
  • EY puts Dreamer away with the piledriver, but he continues assaulting Dreamer with a chair around his knee.
  • Rich Swann hobbles to the ring and uses his crutch on EY to chase him off.

Confirmed for next week’s Impact:

  • Tenille Dashwood appears
  • Deonna Purrazzo & Kimber Lee vs. Kylie Rae & Susie
  • Brian Myers vs. Willie Mack
  • XXXL vs. The Deaners
  • Kiera Hogan vs. Taya Valkyrie
  • The North, Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs. Motor City Machine Guns & The Rascalz


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