Jazz Reveals She Has Retired From Pro Wrestling

Jazz is a veteran in the world of professional wrestling, as she is a champion in both WWE and NWA. She had a long career in the business but now it seems it has come to an end.

The former WWE Superstar spoke to Chris Van Vliet, where she officially announced to the world that she will be hanging up her boots. She initially planned on doing a 2020 retirement tour, but owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, that could not happen.

“Honestly, I just had my last match this past Sunday. I am done in the ring. I was going to do a whole tour in 2020 but with pandemic happening, that screwed everything up. I’ve been having issues with my knees and my back and a lot more issues physically, mentally and emotionally. That’s why I had to forfeit the NWA title. I have two beautiful daughters and I have to focus on them right now.”

Jazz had to retire due to all the wear and tear her body went through over the years. This is apparently the reason she is no longer the NWA Women’s Champion despite not losing the title in a match.


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