Jeff Hardy Injury Update

Jeff Hardy posted the following clip to his Instagram page last week. In the video, you can clearly see Hardy running, skipping, and doing other endurance activities. While this means nothing official in terms of return, it appears his therapy and progress is coming along well to return within the 6 months he wants.

For those unfamiliar with the circumstances surrounding the injury, at a WWE Live event in Madison, WI, which took place on April 20th, 2019, Hardy injured his right knee during a match against The Uso’s with his brother Matt. WWE would go on to use this to sell Lars Sullivan, who attacked the Hardyz on Smackdown the previous Tuesday in his debut to the main roster. Hardy would have his right knee completely replaced in the following weeks.

Jason’s Take: I am thrilled to see the recovery Jeff has made in the time of just 4 months! Most knee replacements either end careers, or take up to 9 months to recover. Who knows, maybe we see Brother Nero on an upcoming episode of Bray Wyatt’s Funhouse!


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