Jim Ross On WWE Stockpiling Talent, Latest Releases

During his latest podcast, Jim Ross weighed in on the WWE releases that took place this week and how the company had stockpiled talent, presumably to make it more difficult for them to sign with AEW.

“At some point in time, you’ve almost got to go into some of these talents and say ‘look, the economy’s changed the model has changed. Things are different than they were before, and we’ve got to adjust. So not unlike an NFL contract, we need to renegotiate your deal.’ I just think that there’s more to come on this thing, unfortunately. But I think that some of these had massive salaries. For guys are coming in and working three or four times a month,” said Ross h/t WrestlingNews.co.

“It’s just not good business, and a lot of people believe that the reason all these talents are being stockpiled is because WWE did not want to give it an easier road for AEW to travel to build their brand. As in being able to sign some under-utilized and talented people. And so if that was the reason all along? To me, that was very short sighted.”

“It also tells me that maybe people there don’t have total confidence in their own management philosophy. WWE? they’re the f*cking NFL, right!? They didn’t need to stockpile everybody in the world.”


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