John Cena Potentially Teasing Return To WWE?

John Cena is at it again.

The master of puzzling Instagram posts recently posted a photo of a watch with the hands pointing at 4 and 10 and the other hand pointing at 20. One would have to assume the hand pointing at 20 would mean the 20th anniversary of SmackDown!, which is only a few days away. The other hands could mean the date SmackDown moves to Fox which is on Friday, October 4.

While this may mean nothing, when Cena has teased returning in the past, he usually does. It’s also hard to believe he would miss such a big moment in the show’s history, as he was a huge part of SmackDown! all throughout the 2000’s.

John Cena has seen a significantly decreased role in WWE due to his burgeoning career as a movie star and his last appearance was at the Raw Reunion event, where he kicked the show off.

SmackDown! premieres on Fox on October 4 and it looks to be a huge show. WWE recently confirmed both shows will have new sets and pyro, and we have the list of matches and major stars set to return.


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