Kylie Rae Was Reportedly Harassed By Fans For Her Body Shape In AEW

Kylie Rae announced yesterday that she has is no longer a professional wrestler and will also take a break from social media. She received a lot of fan support following the announcement as #ThankYouKylie trended on social media. There were various factors that led to her leaving professional wrestling and it seems fans were one of the reasons why.

Some fans gave very horrible remarks to Rae and this reportedly upset her. Dave Meltzer revealed during Wrestling Observer Radio that she was harassed for a very long time, going back to the time she was working in AEW. Fans harassed her for her body shape and told her to lose weight and get in shape.

“I remember that she was so happy when she came out [at Double Or Nothing] that she got a really big reaction, and um, you know I’ve actually in the last day I’ve been watching a lot of matches of her on YouTube and I can see after she broke down at the [Fyter Fest] pay-per-view, or the day before and I just remember when I saw her in Vegas and everything and just — and I know when she got mad about people who — because she lost weight, got in great shape, and then she got harassed by people who like got on her case for doing that.”

“You would think that you work hard, diet, you train hard, you get in really good shape and then people harass you for that? That was somewhat recent. I don’t know if it’s all social media, but I do know it’s some social media stuff that’s reacted to like that. It’s just sad because it was the day before a really big show [Bound For Glory]. Her and Deonna Purrazzo are friends and they were jazzed to have a really great match.”

Meltzer also talked about how Cody Rhodes compared her and Bayley, where he said Rae is “the real one.” Despite his efforts in trying to help Rae, his remarks made Rae receive negative backlash from fans.


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