LAX Confirms Departure From Impact

Following their match on Friday against Rich Swann and Willie Mack during a TV Taping in Mexico, LAX member Santana, confirmed via Twitter (Shown below) that both he and Ortiz have indeed left Impact Wrestling. Immediately after the taping of the match, members of the locker room came out ringside to congratulate and bid LAX farewell.

Where exactly LAX is going to end up from here is uncertain right now and all parties involved with their potential movement are remaining extremely tight lipped. We can confirm that both AEW and WWE have extreme interest and are both pushing in an attempt to sign them.

Jason’s Take: I honestly believe they are headed to AEW. I only think that because, as of late, they have a stronger popularity than WWE and would provide a massive push for the tag team division in AEW. At the same time, I won’t rule out a run in WWE as they could go head to head against The OC, whom they have strong connections and a past with from Impact Wrestling when it was TNA.