Mark Henry Threatens To Sue Lio Rush For Slander

Lio Rush and Mark Henry have taken their heat to social media.

The former WWE stars crossed paths on Twitter earlier this week, leading to revelations that the two have heat from comments that Henry made a year ago.

This was from a time when Rush had heat in WWE, and Henry claimed on his podcast that he offered to help the troubled star, but was lied to.

Rush dug up the past with this tweet on Thursday:

After more back and forth on Twitter, Henry turned to TMZ to address the situation, saying he wants an apology from Rush and is threatening legal action for slander.

“If you go down to the performance center at NXT, probably 25 I think, people of color in the facility, probably about 80 plus percent of them I helped get them there. I mean, it’s completely opposite.”

“He knew that I get a lot of attention. I have a lot of followers and he released the album, or song, or something, and he wanted to use that to get some attention. Get some buzz,” Henry says.

“If he would’ve called me, I would’ve done it anyway. We would’ve just worked it. I would of really talked it up, we would of made world news, but now he said something slanderous.”

“And, you can’t question my blackness. Like nobody can question my blackness, pull my black card. No, not allowed. Nobody.”

“My lawyer went to Harvard. I don’t know what kinda lawyers he’s dealing with, but I got those Ivy League people around me, and they’re pissed!”

“He needs to apologize.”

Rush responded via Twitter again on Sunday with the following:

How does this bizarre story end? Stay tuned for the latest.


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