Mike Bennett Says Triple H Should Take Over WWE

Mike Bennett was among the many released from WWE back in April of this year. Since then he went to NWA. He challenged for the NWA World Championship in a losing affair.

Mike Bennett spoke on The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast, where among various topics of discussion, he talked about who Vince McMahon’s successor would be. He said it should be Triple H.

“I mean I really liked my short stint at doing NXT live events and stuff. Triple H, he feels like he is headed in the right direction. He feels like he understands the talent. Like with Vince, it feels like he has no idea what we’ve done before. He has no idea what anyone’s done outside of WWE. With Triple H, I always felt like he knew exactly what we were capable of because he watched us.”

“He’s seen the stuff that guys had done in Ring of Honor, or IMPACT, or New Japan, or NOAH or wherever. SO he knows what guys are capable of. Again, I don’t know because I didn’t work under him that long to really get like a grasp but besides him, there’s no one else because they all just report to Vince.”

Bennett said the WWE writing team gets criticized too harshly. He stated that it is hard to come up with a storyline when Vince McMahon outright rejects it.

He then revealed that he wished he had gone to NXT just so that he could work with Triple H again, even if it meant he would be paid less than what he made at Impact.

“In retrospect, I would have preferred to go to NXT just because I like dealing with Triple H so much more. Triple H, I always felt like I could talk to Triple H man-to-man. I always felt like when I talked to Vince, he just told me what I wanted to hear so I could get out of his office.”

“Like with Triple H, I could be brutally honest and I would say things to him, and I felt like I could be like, ‘this is why I’m upset. Let me tell you. Talk to me like a man. Let’s see what we can do from there,’ and I always appreciated that relationship.”