MVP Explains Why He Doesn’t Want Hurt Business To Rehash Nation Of Domination

MVP recently appeared on Say Less With Kaz and Lowkey where he addressed rumors of WWE bringing back the Nation of Domination.

As we reported exclusively here in Ask WNC, there has been talk of resurrecting the faction with it with it picking up steam lately. In fact, Ron Simmons was brought to TV with the sole purpose of doing something with Lashley, MVP and Shelton Benjamin. However, the result was the creation of The Hurt Business faction.

“The short answer is no,” MVP said in regards to a return of the Nation.

He explained he does not want to rehash something else but wants to do his own thing. MVP is friends in real-life with Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin and he likes making money with his friends. He also expressed a desire to work with Ricochet and Apollo Crews. MVP revealed he specifically asked to work with Crews.

MVP was scheduled to face Crews for the WWE United States Championship at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules. However, the match did not happen because Crews was pulled due to concerns over COVID-19.