Natalya Denies Sasha Banks & WWE Had Permission To Use Jim Neidhart Line

For those that missed it on this week’s episode of WWE RAW, Sasha Banks said, “go to hell, Nattie, and tell your daddy I said hi” during a backstage brawl.

A reporter known for posting unverified rumors and passing them off as fact, claimed Natalya rehearsed the lines with Banks without issue earlier in the day. Natalya responded on Twitter by writing:

“Entirely off base. Enough said.”

We reported yesterday here on via PWTorch that Paul Heyman was largely responsible for Sasha Banks’ promo. Heyman has reportedly been very involved with the direction of Sasha’s heel character and has overseen a lot of her work recently.

The controversial segment is below:

Neidhart, the real-life father of Natalya, died tragically after a fall at his home last year.

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