New MITB Holder, Plans For Keith Lee, Planning A Match, Where AEW Lacks

Are rumors true WWE is looking for ways to get the Money in the Bank briefcase off of Otis?

Rumors are swirling from several sources WWE is considering taking the Money in the Bank briefcase away from Otis. The thing is – Otis’s current storyline with The Miz and John Morrison has been teasing this for several weeks. Whether or not WWE actually pulls the trigger remains to be seen but Otis has certainly not been elevated to a main event talent following his MITB win. All indications are Vince McMahon is high up on him but he is entrenched on the SmackDown undercard. However, I am not sure taking the briefcase away from him is a new or groundbreaking development.

What is the creative plan for Keith Lee?

WWE has no creative plan for Keith Lee as evidenced by the pieced together run he has had since being “called up” from NXT. First he was the awkward third wheel in Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre and Monday on Raw, received an “exhibition match” against Braun Strowman. Perhaps the Draft will help establish a clearer creative direction for him but at this point, it would have been best to leave him in NXT where he was thriving. If there is anything good to take away with his match against Strowman, it’s that he landed offense and was not squashed.

Can you take me through the process that goes into planning and executing a professional wrestling match?

The process of planning and executing a professional wrestling match is multifaceted. The creative team comes up with the match, in WWE Vince McMahon has to sign off, they bring the plan to the producers who work with the talent to plan to bout. Superstars can discuss ideas and offer input and once it is planned out, Vince once again has the final say. It is not to the point where Vince has to know absolutely everything about every match but anything significant must get his approval. One of the many disadvantages WWE has had throughout the COVID-19 pandemic is the lack of live events where programs cannot get “practice reps” where talent can try out different things before taking them to TV.

Why does AEW not focus on having an online presence?

AEW’s website and overall online presence leaves a lot to be desired. They have a strong presence on social media and YouTube but the focus has clearly not been on their website. I am sure this will come in time but AEW is a growing company and they must allocate resources where they feel they are best utilized. Just because the Khan family has enough money to do what they want, they have been very clear their goal is for AEW to turn a profit. So far, they have been able to accomplish that by budgeting appropriately. The downfall of WCW was spending like there was no end in sight.

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