Nick Aldis Claims He Makes Six-Figures And NWA Still Turning Big Profit

Nick Aldis was a guest on Busted Open Radio on Sirius XM on Monday.

Aldis is the current NWA Worlds Champion and came under fire recently after WWE Raw Executive Director Bruce Prichard stated Aldis was missing the “it factor.”

During the interview, Aldis talked about how proud he was of the NWA. He explained the promotion pays him six figures and that is not the case for everyone. He revealed the first six months he worked for the NWA, he did not collect a paycheck but used what he was making on the independent scene to support himself.

Aldis stated that NWA is still generating over “five figures in monthly revenue” and that is largely due to him.

Earlier this month, Raven went on Devon Nicholson’s Hannibal TV and stated he heard through the grapevine that Billy Corgan was not planning to reopen the NWA following the departure of Dave Lagana.

Corgan was quick to release a statement, saying the promotion was not shutting down. He clarified talent remain under contract as they try to figure out a way to provide fans with content in a very tough environment.

You can check out a snippet of Aldis talking about Prichard’s comments from the Busted Open Radio interview below:


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