Nick Jackson On Going Too Far At AEW’s All Out

Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks admitted in a new interview with Bleacher Report that they almost went too far in the Escalera De La Muerte for the AAA World Tag Team Championship at AEW All Out in August. Below are his comments:

“We probably almost went too far,” Nick admits in an exclusive interview. “There was a point where I almost died when the ladder was tossed and I clipped the top rope with my feet and went through the table. And one minute later, Matt landed awkwardly on his side when Penta pushed the ladder. Those two things weren’t supposed to go down that way, but when they did go completely wrong, that’s when I was thinking ‘I hope fans are not thinking this is too much.’

“…I think it was my idea to end the feud with a ladder match. We just didn’t know what we were going to name it at the time. (AEW owner) Tony (Khan) loved the idea to do a ladder match at the end. We knew if we had a ladder match with these guys it would be nuts because we’ve had ladder matches before but we’d never had a ladder match with two of the craziest wrestlers in the business today.

“We knew if we got them in a ladder match, it would probably make history. And here we are now.”


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