Potential Next Opponent for McIntyre Revealed

Early this morning, Drew McIntyre officially challenged Tyson Fury to a match. While appearing on TalkSport, McIntyre had the following to say:

“When it gets backs to normal, the next thing I want to do is fight Chris Sutton. You set it up. Finally, when everything gets back to normal and I can get back to the UK and parade about with the belt, the last thing I want to do is have the match with Sutton. You’d be in my corner.

“I know Tyson Fury is on the show today, as well. I need to bring up Fury because he was talking trash about me, so I know he’s coming on the show. Tell him ‘I saw what you said about me.’ He didn’t care who won the match, he thought I was going to win and thinks he can smash me. Just let him know ‘Fury I’ve won the championship, now I’m paying attention to you’. After I beat Sutton, I’m coming for Fury.”

A short time later, Fury took to both Instagram and Twitter to say the following:


“@dmcintyrewwe has call me out after his @wwe Wrestlemania 36 victory, first I say congratulations and what a fantastic job. Secondly I accept his challenge, anytime any place, anywhere.????”

It appears that this match will happen, but with the COVID-19 virus still having everything on essential hold, it remains to be seen when it will happen. We also don’t know if the challenge was issued to include the Title.


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