Reckoning And Retaliation Added To Retribution

This week on WWE Monday Night Raw, three of the five main Retribution members were given ring names.

Dominik Dijakovic goes by T-Bar, Dio Maddin goes by Mace and the unidentifiable member goes by Slapjack. This member is rumored to be Shane Thorne. has learned Mia Yim will go by Reckoning and Mercedes Martinez will go by Retaliation.

WWE took its biggest step forward with Retribution to date on this week’s TV. It was announced the five members were “granted contracts” from WWE and their identities were revealed. Mace, T-Bar and Slapjack competed in Raw’s main event against The Hurt Business.

The reaction to Retribution has been negative. Fans and fellow wrestlers have mocked their masks and names, with WWE seemingly dropping the ball on an angle they have been building over the last several weeks. Apparently it got so bad that some talent have said privately they feel bad for the members.

Stay tuned to for the latest on Retribution.