Retribution In Trouble, Lana Punished?, Aalyah Mysterio & 2005 Throwback, Dabba-Kato Criticism

Below are news and notes from this week’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw:

  • As noted earlier here on, the names and masks of the main Retribution members were not well received. Between social media and how it was even perceived in the back, WWE is facing an uphill climb. The storyline is not considered a flop but there are plenty of questions regarding its viability. From the logic gap in WWE offering them contracts after weeks and weeks of chaos to some very questionable names, there is not a high degree of optimism regarding the faction.
  • One move that was sharply criticized from last night’s broadcast was Dabba-Kato getting knocked out clean in his first high profile Raw Underground fight against Braun Strowman. Generally clean finishes are well received, but there was head scratching as to why WWE felt the need to put him under clean so quickly.
  • For those counting, Lana has now been put through the broadcast table twice via Samoan Drop by Nia Jax after her real-life husband Miro told Vince McMahon to kiss his ass on AEW Dynamite.
  • Aalyah Mysterio has officially entered the storyline with Seth Rollins and Murphy in more than just a cameo role alongside her family. There was a segment on this week’s show where Rollins came out with DNA test results in an attempt to prove that Dominik is not really Rey Mysterio’s biological son. This was a throwback to a 2005 angle when there was a storyline on SmackDown that Dominik was actually Eddie Guerrero’s biological son and Guerrero allowed Mysterio to adopt Dominik because he was having trouble conceiving a child. Rollins then teased maybe it was Aalyah that was not his as she checked on Murphy following the Steel Cage match on last week’s episode. Later in the broadcast, Aalyah and Murphy were involved with Murphy telling her Rollins and gone too far and gotten out of hand. This took place after Aalyah blew up on Rey and stormed off on him.