RVD On Why He Returned To Impact Wrestling

Rob Van Dam did an interview with WrestlingEpicenter.com to promote Impact Wrestling’s upcoming television tapings on Las Vegas. In it, he discussed his reason for returning:

”What brought me back was business. On a personal side, yes, I am making a lot more money than I was in my last run… A LOT more, James! (laughs) I am in the position that Sting was in back in my first run. I am the veteran, the guy that everyone loves to see. They’re using my name Hopefully it will draw a little attention! But, unlike Sting, RVD is still out there kicking ass – Doing the 5 Star Frogsplash, the Rolling Thunder, the Van Daminator… I can still do all the moves! I just don’t claim to be as hungry as these other guys and they’re ready to show it, too!”


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