Scott Dawson Reveals What Revival Wants As WWE Departure Looms

The more time passes, the more it looks like The Revival could be leaving WWE when their deals are up on April.

Over the weekend on Twitter, a fan commented about how the tag team division was not good and tagged Scott Dawson along with several other wrestlers.

“I’m not asking to be champions. I just want creative control, brotha,” Dawson tweeted.

Dawson and Dash Wilder recently requested their release a second time after turning down another offer from WWE to stay, per Dave Meltzer.

It seems this is an issue that cannot be fixed by money and they want to be treated differently from a creative perspective. AEW is rumored to have interest and they have already registered trademarks for use outside of WWE.

Unless something changes, it looks like the Revival could be headed to AEW sooner than later.

Below is Dawson’s tweet: