Source Claims CM Punk Will Eventually Return To WWE

In regards to CM Punk returning to WWE, the WrestleVotes Twitter account noted the following:

”Re: CM Punk… I asked, I got back nothing definitive, as it should be. If and when it happens, it should be super quiet. One source went on to say “probably not now, but eventually” so that’s that.

Punk was asked point blank on Tuesday morning about doing screen tests with Renee Young for WWE Backstage on FS1 but he didn’t give a clear answer. He went on to downplay his interest in wrestling and reiterate the same lines he’s said since he left WWE nearly six years ago.

He hasn’t stepped foot in a WWE ring since being the first entrant in the annual Royal Rumble Match on Jan. 26, 2014. He was offered millions of dollars to return, multiple guarantees and he turned them down. The two sides have had a bitter relationship but it hasn’t stopped fans from requesting his return to the company.

Since leaving WWE, Punk has tried his hand at Mixed Martial Arts, even landing a deal with UFC where he lost his only two fights.


  1. […] While it’s long been assumed CM Punk would have nothing to do with WWE since his departure in January 2014, that certainly appears to be changing. Now that Punk has admitted having talks with FOX regarding a show centered around WWE, it certainly looks more likely he’ll eventually return to the company. […]

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