The Rock Gives Response To Negative Reception Following Joe Biden Endorsement

As reported earlier, The Rock officially announced that he will be endorsing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the 2020 US Presidential Election. While several fans reacted positively to his decision, others were definitely against it.

The Rock’s Twitter timeline was full of negative comments from several people and that also included former WWE wrestler Val Venis. Venis went on a rant riddled with profanity, showing how upset he was at The Rock for his decision.

Following the public backlash, Dwyane Johnson sent another tweet. He said he will not block anyone and that they have work to do by having a very critical conversation.

A critical conversation – voting. Our voice. Our power.

And no matter how strongly your opinion may differ from mine, it’s always ok.

You can yell all you want. I won’t block ya and I won’t even yell back.

We all still have work to do

He also uploaded a video with the Tweet.


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