The Undertaker Has No Intention Of Doing Another Cinematic Match


The Undertaker last competed against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36 in a cinematic match. It was a Boneyard match and WWE ensured it was a match of the highest quality. The match had a great reception from fans and Superstars alike. However, it seems the Deadman has no interest in competing in these match types anymore.

While speaking to The New York Post, The Undertaker talked about the possibility of wrestling in another cinematic match in the future. He says that it is technically a form of  “cheating” due to it not being a standard wrestling match.

“It really doesn’t appeal to me because basically what it is, is working around my limitations. It’s capitalizing on some of my ability and some of my creative ability to tell a story but basically it’s trying to mask some of the lack of my physical abilities at this point.”

The Phenom also made it clear on his Last Ride docuseries that he wants to hang up his boots, but every mention of the word ”retire” was removed.

He will be having his Final Farewell at this year’s Survivor Series on November 22nd, which will feature several names he is familiar with.