The Undertaker Says He Would Love To Face The Fiend

The Undertaker will be having his ”Final Farewell” at Survivor Series this week. However, he still has yet to face The Fiend. He has only faced Bray Wyatt in the past.

The Undertaker made an appearance on WWE The Bump, where he revealed that the possibilities are endless for The Fiend. He then added that he would love to square off against The Fiend.

“This iteration now, the possibilities are endless. He’s really taken his character to the next level. It’s original and so different from what everybody else does. It’s so thought provoking and it draws emotion from people. I would love to work a program with The Fiend. My goodness, there’s no telling what kind of matches we would come up, just due to the strength of his career and obviously The Undertaker character, it would have been something else. It might have been a Buried Alive, Swamp Match, Alcatraz, the possibilities would be limitless with those two characters.”

We wonder if the two will ever share the ring together. Anything is possible in the world of professional wrestling.


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