The Young Bucks Reveal Unknown Story About Seth Rollins

The Young Bucks are the current AEW World Tag Team Champions. Their new book was recently released and it contains some interesting stories.

In the book, there is a portion about Seth Rollins that fans never knew about. It was when he was known as Tyler Black. The Young Bucks said that Rollins was misunderstood, and an introvert. One day he told the two that he would headline WrestleMania someday. It seems he eventually made it a reality.

“One of those guys was Tyler Black. Tyler, like Kenny and me, was an introvert and seemed to be misunderstood by the other wrestlers as being arrogant. After becoming friends with him, we learned that he was just shy, yet confident in his in-ring abilities. Being around guys like Tyler gave us strength in numbers.”

“One of the first times we hung out late at night after a show, Tyler confidently said to us, “I’ll be in the main event of WrestleMania one day,” He’d later become WWE’s Seth Rollins, and he’d do just that.””

Rollins is currently away from WWE television so that he can be with fiancé Becky Lynch, who will be giving birth next month.


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