Triple H On CM Punk/WWE – “Never Say Never”

Directly off news that CM Punk confirmed he tried out for FOX’s WWE Backstage studio show that will premiere next month on FS1, Triple H addressed the rumors in an interview on the Sports Illustrated Podcast.

“Look, I’ve read about that as well,” Triple H said of the Punk – FS1 reports h/t “You know, to be clear, FOX is doing this show, and it’s their show, and it’s something they’re doing to talk about the WWE Universe and everything going on in it. They’ve had a long list of people they’ve been interviewing and everything, but as far as for us, one of the things I think this company has shown over and over again, is never say never.

“If the opportunity is right for everybody and it’s right for our fans, then we are willing to put the past behind us and move forward. So, I would say, never say never, but that’s also probably a long way from coming to. I don’t know. That’s also a little bit outside of my purview at the moment, but like I said, never say never.”

While it’s long been assumed CM Punk would have nothing to do with WWE since his departure in January 2014, that certainly appears to be changing. Now that Punk has admitted to having talks with FOX regarding a show centered around WWE, it certainly looks more likely he’ll eventually return to the company at some point.


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