Triple H Talks About Velveteen Dream’s Immaturity Being Reason For Professional Setbacks

Velveteen Dream has been surrounded in controversy following the #SpeakingOut allegations made against him months ago. He was accused of sexual misconduct with a minor. Since his NXT return, fans demanded he be fired from the company and that also took place during NXT TakeOver 31.

During a Q&A session ahead of NXT TakeOver 31, Triple H discussed Velveteen Dream’s professional setbacks, attributing it to his immaturity.

“Coming off of what was a bit of a rough year for Velveteen Dream. Reorganizing himself, you know? Dream is one of those young guys that still hasn’t quite found his way yet of who he wants to be. I think sometimes that weighs on him. His immaturity in his life presents itself in his professional life and makes it difficult for him sometimes.”

Triple H had previously dismissed the allegations made against Dream, saying that the investigation led to nothing as there was “nothing there.”

“We’ve talked about this, we’ve said our piece on it and I understand people’s positions on it and their feelings of something that they seeing with the accusations online,” Triple H said. “So, I feel like there’s nothing more that needs to be said on it again. That’s it.”


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