Update On Top WWE Superstar Currently On Hiatus

Sheamus provided an update on his status with WWE while appearing on Edge and Christian’s podcast.

The former WWE Champion says he’s been staying in shape because he’s still not sure when WWE will bring him back and that his YouTube channel has been keeping him busy.

“That’s how I’ve stayed relevant, just by changing the look a little bit, as opposed to where I’m at now. I don’t really know what the crack is. I’m still waiting. I’m just, again, enjoying my time. Like, it’s very hard for me to sit at home all the time, but that’s why the channel has been a saving grace as well,” Sheamus said h/t WrestlingInc.com. “It’s kind of my passion away from the ring and I’ve really enjoyed doing all these workouts and, again, everybody has been so generous, WWE Superstars, men and women, have also been so generous with their time on the channel. But I don’t really know what the story is as of right now. I’m still kind of in the dark about it, but I’m just training away like I’m trying to stay in the best shape I possibly can. A) because the channel is there and I’m working out all the time, but also because it is very important just to stay ready just no matter what happens.”


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