Update On Why Kofi Kingston Has Been Of WWE TV

Kofi Kingston is out with a back injury.

WrestlingNews.com heard when he was written off TV earlier this summer it was due to an injury, not COVID-19. The ailment was revealed during a media appearance he did for WWE in the Columbus, Ohio market.

While speaking with the local ABC affiliate, Kofi spoke about being home for two months.

“I’ve been able to spend an amazing amount of time at home with my family and my kids,” Kingston said. “I’m just trying to cherish this time…I’ve been on the road for ten years consistently and I’ve never spent this much time at home.”

The promotional appearance was for SmackDown and you can check it out at this link.

While return plans for Kofi Kingston have not been finalized, it was reported last week there was an idea pitched but turned down to have him return as a member of the New Day on Raw. The thinking was keep him and Big E on separate brands with Xavier Woods as their manager. Again, the idea was turned down.

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