Why The Miz Was Handed The MITB Briefcase By WWE

The Miz defeated Otis for the Money In The Bank briefcase at WWE Hell In A Cell following Tucker turning on his former tag team partner.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that WWE has a valid reason for handing The Miz the briefcase. It was said that WWE simply desired a Superstar to carry the briefcase into next year.

It was not revealed why Otis was not chosen to do that, but it seems Vince McMahon has far more trust in The Miz than he does with Otis.

Otis descended down the card since WWE Hell In A Cell. Vince McMahon simply lost interest in his feud with Tucker and it is doubtful it will be revisited.

The Miz also made it clear that he has the key to win the ”hot potato” game that is the current RAW main event scene.


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