WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (8/07/20) – Matt Riddle vs. Sheamus

Welcome to our live coverage of WWE Friday Night SmackDown. Here you will find live results of the broadcast that aired on FOX on Friday, August 7, 2020. This week’s show will feature Bray Wyatt and the Firefly Fun House, Matt Riddle vs. Sheamus, Jeff Hardy vs. King Corbin and The Dirt Sheet featuring Sonya Deville. Our preview is available at this link.

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (8/07/2020)
From the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL

The show opens with a recap of Alexa Bliss in the Swamp Fight as Sister Abigail at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules and clips from the last Firefly Fun house. They show what The Fiend did to Bliss last week, by putting the Mandible Claw on her.

The Firefly Fun House segment shows Bray Wyatt questioning how Braun Strowman could let him do something to someone Braun cares able so much. Bray indicates The Fiend is waiting for Braun and he better get what he wants or she’ll truly find out what he’s truly capable of.

Sheamus vs. Matt Riddle. This match was a competitive back and forth with Riddle going on the offensive first. Sheamus countered and the fight went out of the ring. Riddle hit a nice bridging suplex for a near fall. Riddle landed more offense but Sheamus landed an uppercut. Out of nowhere, Shorty G attacks Riddle to end the match. Winner by disqualification, Matt Riddle

After the match, Riddle counters on Shorty G and slams him into the announcer’s table. Sheamus, upset over losing the match, puts G in the ring and hits the Brogue Kick. He gets on the mic and said for Corbin’s Bounty, Gable just took a win from him. Sheamus demands he get up and when he does, he hits another Brogue Kick.

Backstage, Sheamus confronts Baron Corbin as he is trying to flirt with a woman backstage. Sheamus warned Corbin about interferring in his matches. Corbin has to deal with Jeff Hardy tonight but he will be happy to put a dent in his skull.

The Miz and John Morrison are in the ring for The Dirt Sheet. They highlight Sonya Deville’s attack on Mandy Rose from last week. There was a mic problem and Miz said he thought Retribution were on Raw. Miz and Morrison mocked Mandy’s hair being cut. Sonya finally came out and stated her goal is to make Mandy as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside. Sonya said Otis and Mandy finally look a couple now. Morrison said they look like a couple of Ogres. This brought Heavy Machinery out to ringside.

Lince Dorado w/Gran Metalik vs. Cesaro w/Nakamura. Cesaro slowed the high-paced sttyle of Dorado down to start the match. Dorado was able to counter and hit a Srpingboard Stunner. He landed two moounsaults but Nakamura interferred on the third one. Cesaro ended up hitting European uppercut followed by a Neutralizer for the win. Winner, Cesaro

Cesaro and Nakamura celebrated in the ring. It’s announced Heavy Machinery will face The Miz and Morrison tonight. Backstage, Kayla Braxton asked Otis about it. He likes jokes but Miz and Morrison are crossing a line. He has dealt with people picking on him all his life but he won’t stand for people picking on Mandy Rose.

The Fiend comes out with Alexa Bliss in the ring. He paced around her and went for the Mandile Claw but she put her hand up to block. She touched his face and he backed off. Bruan Strowman came on the big screen and asked if he thought playing with his emotions would work. Braun said he doesn’t care about Alexa but cared about ripping him apart. Strowman tried to resist the monster but is finished fighting it.

Jeff Hardy vs. King Corbin. Hardy and Corbin both went heavy early and often. Finally, the fight went to the outside and back in. Corbin attempted End of Days but Hardy fought it off. Corbin kneed him to the floor, where Sheamus was waiting. Brogue Kick on Hardy, causing the match to get thrown out Winner by disqualification, Jeff Hardy

Sheamus vs. King Corbin. Sheamus went after Corbin but he escaped to the floor. Corbin hit a lariat. They fought on the outside, with Sheamus bounced off the announce table. The fight went back to the inside but almost immediately back to the out. Corbin rammed Sheamus into the ring post. When in the ring, Corbin put a half nelson crossface on The Celtic Warrior. Sheamus got out after distraction from Matt Riddle, which allowed Sheamus to hit the Brogue Kick and get a pinfall. Winner, Sheamus

Sheamus and Riddle celebrated after the match. Backstage, Bayley was admiring her titles. Sasha came into the shot. Bayley is concerned about Banks offering her up for a match against Asuka on Raw. Sasha isn’t worried about it but Bayley is concerned she wants revenge for Kairi Sane. A production assistant stated they are needed for a video conference with Stephanie McMahon.

Big E was interviewed about his singles run. He did a goofy bit with The New Day chants.

Sasha Banks and Bayley in the ring as Stephanie McMahon appeared on the big screen. Stephanie told Banks she will defend her title at SummerSlam and it could be against Asuka after Raw. Bayley will defend her title against someone from Raw, NXT or SmackDown as they will be in a battle royal next week on SmackDown.

Backstage, The Miz, Morrison and Sonya were interviewed by Kayla Braxton. Miz and Morrison mocked the weight of Heavy Machinery. Kayla told them Otis promised to make them pay for their cruelty from earlier. Miz said Otis and Tucker were only Monsters at catering.

Heavy Machinery vs. The Miz and John Morrison w/Sonya Deville. Otis hit John Morrison with a flying shoulder block after tagging in. The Miz tagged in and Otis took him out. Tucker tagged in and did some stomps. Back from commercial, Miz and Morrison went after Tucker’s knee and isolated him from making a tag. Tucker ran at Miz and Morrison on the floor but missed into the barricade. Miz ran Otis into the ring steps. Mandy ran out with a new short haircut and brawled with Sonya. The match was called off.

Sonya and Mandy brawled until Otis and Tucker pulled Mandy out.

Backstage, Mandy and Sonya continued to exchange words and shots. The lights went out and Retribution appeared in black hoods. They chased off Michael Cole and Corey Graves with bats and pipes. The cameramen were next. They took out wrestlers in the crowd. The group, comprise of mostly males with a female, got in the ring and started screaming this place was theirs now. They tipped over the announce table and said it was time to burn it down.

The group started tagging the plexiglass with what looked like paint cans. Someone spelled out a WWE symbol and crossed it out. One member busted out a chainsaw and cut down the ropes. The show ended with the faction celebrating and a chainsaw running.


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