WWE Holds Meeting At Raw About Talent Using YouTube And Twitch

WWE held a meeting with talent today prior to Monday Night Raw to clarify the rules of working with third party affiliates.

Talent are still allowed to have both YouTube and Twitch accounts, reports Dave Meltzer. All accounts must be under a talent’s real name as opposed to their WWE ring name. WWE talent will be required to disclose the use of their YouTube and Twitch accounts using their real names to the company.

The rumor making rounds is that talent were originally told they could not use their real name. It is believed talent will not be allowed to use Cameo.

As reported here on WrestlingNews.com, WWE issued a statement about talent engaging with third-party affiliates over the weekend.

The controversy has caused WWE’s classification of their talent as “independent contractors” to go back under the limelight. Former Democrat Presidential candidate Andrew Yang commented about it on CNN, where he called the classification “completely ridiculous.”


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