WWE Might Be Using Stock Footage For NXT Fans Reacting To Matches

WWE shifted NXT and 205 Live to the Capitol Wrestling Center, which was formerly the WWE Performance Center. They managed to make an atmosphere comparable to the ThunderDome. However, it seems the company no longer needs fans to watch the shows live as they have footage of fan reactions.

Fans have been under the impression that WWE uses tock footage for their Capitol Wrestling Center screens. Fan reactions to the in-ring action in some matches seemed out of place. According to a report by PW Insider, it has been confirmed that WWE has been repurposing fan reactions for their NXT tapings.

Fans allowed WWE to use their likeness in this manner when they had signed the ThunderDome agreement. It was said that “WWE is only letting a small group of invited fans from the NXT mailing list into the Wednesday tapings.”