WWE Payback: “King” Baron Corbin vs. Matt Riddle

Singles Match
– “King” Baron Corbin vs. Matt Riddle

The start:

Corbin dominates Matt Riddle to start the match after a clothesline before the bell. He buries him with stomps in the corner.

Mid-match notes:

Corbin pulls Riddle to the outside and assaults him on the announce desk. The referee counts the double countout as Corbin rolls Riddle in and get a two count. Corbin locks in a headlock but Riddle gets to his feet. Corbin hits multiple right hands but Riddle fights back and hits kicks. He goes for a Kimura but Corbin is too strong. Riddle jumps on Corbin’s back and applies a sleeper.

Corbin ends up dropping him from his back. As Corbin tries to recover on the mat, Riddle applies the sleeper again. He applies body scissors and a crossface. Corbin finally gets to his feet. He runs at his opponent but misses. Corbin gets in a takes Corbin down with a clothesline and gets a two count.

Corbin drops Riddle with a straight right in the corner. He applies his knee on the back of Riddle’s neck. Corbin locks in a submission hold on his opponent’s jaw. The referee checks for submission. Corbin hits a sideslam on Riddle followed by a two count. They show a cool shot of the ThunderDome at Amway Center.

Riddle tries to fight back but Corbin ends up hitting a near fall. Corbin goes for a half crab submission. Riddle finally counters and kicks his opponent out of the ring after landing a kick to the side of Corbin’s head. Riddle goes to the outside but Corbin is up. Corbin rolls him into the ring and gets back in. Riddle lands another big kick. Riddle splashes with forearms onto Corbin and hits a running knee.

Two count from Riddle onto Baron Corbin. Riddle with a flurry of impressive strikes. The Original Bro looks intense as he tries to figure out how to put away Corbin. He calls on him to get up and kicks him a couple more times. Corbin lands a right, they exchange blows in the center of the ring. Riddle catches Corbin but Corbin comes right back. Both men are down in the ring.

A replay shows a kick from Riddle onto Corbin’s liver has doubled him over. Corbin puts Riddle up on the top rope in the corner. Riddle fights off and leaps off. Deep six by Corbin and a near fall with a two count. Corbin is clearly frustrated. Riddle locks in a triangle submission hold on Corbin.

The finish:

Corbin counters but Riddle hits Bro to Sleep. Riddle to the top rope, he hits the floating Bro! Cover by Riddle onto Corbin to win the match.

Winner, Matt Riddle

After the match, Riddle lets his emotion show through. Corbin looks dejected.