WWE Payback: Randy Orton vs. Keith Lee

Singles Match
– Randy Orton vs. Keith Lee

Keith Lee entered to different music but there was still heavy criticism on Twitter. He is also getting lit up over the ring gear they’ve picked for him. Essentially, the belief seems to be WWE called Lee up with no plan. This match is going to be pivotal as to whether or not he can have success on Raw.

The start:

The bell rings and this one is underway. Side headlock from Orton onto Lee as he wrenches back on it hard to take him down. Lee holds on for life but is able to push Orton off the ropes. He runs into a forearm.

Mid-match notes:

Orton runs the ropes and straight into a cross body. Orton goes to the outside to regroup. Orton gets back in and tells Keith Lee he demands his respect. He chops him twice. Lee looks furious as Orton hits a third. Lee hits gracely magnum on Orton. Orton counters and gets Lee to the outside. He drops him on the announce desk. The referee continues the count as Orton gets back into the ring. Orton goes on the offensive on Lee.

Orton locks in a side headlock and wrenches back in control. Lee counters and ends up tossing Orton out of the ring. Lee lands a back body drop on Orton onto the announce desk. Lee rolls Orton into the ring but Randy counters. He taunts the crowd with Lee on the mat.

The finish:

Orton in viper position, stalking his opponent. Orton goes for the RKO but Lee hits the Spirit Bomb and pins Orton clean for the three count.

Winner, Keith Lee

After the match, we go to Paul Heyman who states Roman Reigns will leave this evening as WWE Universal Champion. Believe that.