WWE Payback Results (8/30/20) – New Universal Champion

Welcome to our live coverage of WWE Payback. Here, you will find complete results of the show that took place from the ThunderDome at Amway Center in Orlando, Florida.

WWE Payback Results (8/30/20)
From the WWE ThunderDome at Amway Center in Orlando, FL

Tag Team Match
– The Riott Squad vs. The IIconics

The IIconics entered second and told Liv Morgan they tried to warn her about who Ruby Riott really is.

The start:

Billie Kay and Ruby Riott start things out. Riott knocks Royce off the apron and unloads on Kay to gain opening control.

Mid-match notes:

Riott maintains control for awhile but Royce is finally able to contain her. Royce knocked Liv off the aprin but Kay tries to convince Liv that Riott did her. Liv acts like she does not want to go back to the match but tags herself in.

She lays out Kay and Royce comes back in. The action goes back and forth. Liv blocks Deja Vu and throws Kay into Royce. Liv hits the Ob-Livion on Royce but Kay comes back.

The finish:

Liv hits double knees on Kay and Riott follows that with the Riott Kick. Riott pins Kay to win the match.

Winners, The Riott Squad

WWE United States Championship Match
– Apollo Crews (c) vs. Bobby Lashley w/Shelton Benjamin and MVP

Prior to the match, they showed a pre-taped promo MVP cut while being flanked by Lashley and Shelton Benjamin. He all but guaranteed Lashley would win the title tonight, Lashley didn’t speak.

The start:

They lock up to start the match. Lasholey lands a belly-to-back suplex but Crews comes down and locks in a side headlock. They go off the ropes and Lashley drops the Champion. Crews counters with a dropkick.

Mid-match notes:

Lashley finally takes Crews down and pushes him back into the corner. The referee counts, with Lashley raking the eyes of his opponent. Lashley whips Crews into the corner, he ends up countering and hitting a dropkick and a back elbow. He throw Lashley to the outside. Crews kicks Lashley while on the apron and connects on a moonsault. The referee starts the double countout as MVP and Shelton Benjamin intimidate Crews without touching him.

The action goes back into the ring with Lashley back on the attack. He picks Crews up and sets him down on the top rope. Crews rolls to the outside. A replay shows Lashley brought him down in a Rock-bottom type move to set him on the ropes. Lashley goes to the outside to attack his opponent. Lashley puts Crews on his shoulders and bounces him off the ring post. He rolls the Champion back into the ring and gets a near fall.

Lashley immediately goes to a side headlock. The referee checks for submission. Lashley ends up taking off the hold and hitting a fallaway slam on Crews. He buries his shoulder into Crews’ midsection. Lashley is dominating the midsection of Crews. He goes for suplex but Crews counters with a dropkick to the back of Bobby’s neck. Lashley is still standing and comes right back with the Dominator. He only gets a two count as he was over confident in his pinfall attempt.

Lashley charges at his opponent but Crews moves. Lashley runs up to him but eats a kick and a cross-body off the ropes. Crews and Lashley are both down in the ring. MVP and Shelton shout from ringside. Crews buries his head in Lashley’s midsection, backing him into the corner. He hits a Stinger Splash and goes for his finisher. Lashley counters but Crews hits a spinebuster.

Crews follows with a standing moonsault and Lashley kicks out at two. Crews picks Lashley up but Lashley counters and goes for the Full Nelson. Crews counters with two German suplexes. Lashley is down as Crews goes to the top rope.Frog splash from the top rope and Lashley kicks out of a pinfall attempt at two. Lashley is dazed but somehow on his feet. Lashley counters with an elbow and is able to hit a chokeslam.

The finish:

Lashley taunts Crews by screaming over top of the Champion. He applies the Full Lashley and Crews taps out.

Winner & NEW WWE United States Champion, Bobby Lashley

After the match, MVP makes a photographer take a photo of them together in the ring. Crews recovers and attacks Lashley during the celebration. He escapes before the rest of the Hurt Business can get to him. He screams he’s going to get the title back on his way up the ramp.

Backstage, Paul Heyman gives a vague interview with Charly Caruso about taking on Roman Reigns as a client. They tease Reigns still hasn’t signed his contract for the show’s main event.

Now JBL is backstage with Keith Lee. He hands him the name of some hedge funds he has written down. Lee thanks him but says he doesn’t have those kind of resources. JBL tells him if he wins tonight, he’ll be on his way. JBL knows there is a lot of pressure but if he loses, don’t feel bad about it. JBL says Orton is one of the greats ever and wishes him good luck.

Singles Match
– Sheamus vs. Big E

Prior to the match, they show a pre-taped promo Sheamus cut about how Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods haven’t been holding him back but propping him up. Now is his time to fall.

The start:

BIg E goes at Sheamus but he backs him off. They lockup and struggle for opening control. Now, the referee pulls Sheamus off. The Celtic Warrior isn’t happy about that as Big E finally locks in a submission hold.

Mid-match notes:

Sheamus gets back to his feet and the hold is broken. Big E goes belly-to-back on Sheamus as Sheamus counters with an elbow. Big E end up tossing Sheamus over his back. Sheamus is down but looks to be OK. Big E stares at his opponent but walks into a boot to his midsection. Sheamus counters with a headlock takedown. Sheamus is down on his shoulders at one point but counters out.

Now they run the ropes with Big E connecting on a high elbow. Big E rolls out of the ring, as he gets on the apron he eats a knee. Sheamus beats on Big E on the apron. He finally falls off after several blows. Now, Big E recovers and goes at Sheamus from the outside. Big E back on the apron and goes for a big splash but misses and lands on his face. Big E slides in at the count of seven.

He’s met with stomps from Sheamus as the referee has a word with him. Sheamus works the leg of Big E, with Michael Cole explaining if Sheamus can take out his leg, he will eliminate Big E’s power game. The official checks on Big E as Sheamus poses to the virtual crowd. Big E counters with right hands but Sheamus counters by working the knee on Big E. He locks in a submission hold.

Sheamus breaks the hold and stomps away at his opponent’s hamstring. Sheamus covers Big E who kicks out at one. Sheamus goes right back to the left knee of Big E. He wrenches back on a hold, putting a lot of pressure on the MCL. The referee checks Big E for submission. Big E counters with some well placed kicks with his other leg. He runs right into the Irish Curse backbreaker by Sheamus into a two count.

Now a half-Crab by Sheamus onto Big E. The referee checks for submission. Big E counters out but Sheamus hits a devastating kick to Big E. Sheamus sells the counter, with Corey Graves questioning if he cracked a few teeth. Sheamus goes to the top rope but is caught by Big E into a series of suplexes. Big E goes for belly-to-belly but Sheamus counters with a headbutt.

Big E takes Sheamus down and gets a two count. Big E sells his leg as he goes off the ropes but Sheamus counters with a knee to his face. Sheamus launches from the apron into a badly-sold shoulder tackle. Big E hits an ugly belly-to-belly suplex on Sheamus. Sheamus picks up Big E and hits an Alabama Slam and gets a two count in a near fall. Both men are gassed as the referee checks on them.

Big E hits a right on Sheamus and they trade punches. Big E goes down first as Sheamus goes for a modified sharpshooter. Sheamus continues to work the leg of Big E and he finally makes it to the ropes to break the hold. Cole questions if the damage has already been done.

Sheamus gets launched over the top rope as he gets on the apron and Big E connects on a tackle to the outside. Big E rolls Sheamus back in and tries to fire himself up he goes for the Big Ending but Sheamus counters. He locks in a heel hook. Big E uses hard right hands to break the hold. Huge knee from Sheamus onto Big E and he kicks out at two and a half.

The finish:

Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick but Big E counters. He hits the Big Ending and pins The Celtic Warrior for the three count.

Winner, Big E

After the match, Big E drops the straps to his singlet and poses on the apron. He walks over to Corey Graves and screams and asks if everyone is ready for him.

Matt Riddle in the ring to talk about his first pay-per-view match on the main roster. He is always motivated bro. He says King Corbin is afraid the king of bros is going to take his crowd and that’s exactly what he is going to do. He is asked to respond to the tweet from Corbin that tonight he’ll prove he’s a failure in the ring like he has already proved his a failure at home. Riddle walks off without answering it.

Backstage, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. Jax says they can win tonight if she can follow her lead. Baszler says they’ll win if she stays out of her way. They push one another. Baszler says let’s kill the pre-match chit chat. They go back to warming up.

Singles Match
– “King” Baron Corbin vs. Matt Riddle

The start:

Corbin dominates Matt Riddle to start the match after a clothesline before the bell. He buries him with stomps in the corner.

Mid-match notes:

Corbin pulls Riddle to the outside and assaults him on the announce desk. The referee counts the double countout as Corbin rolls Riddle in and get a two count. Corbin locks in a headlock but Riddle gets to his feet. Corbin hits multiple right hands but Riddle fights back and hits kicks. He goes for a Kimura but Corbin is too strong. Riddle jumps on Corbin’s back and applies a sleeper.

Corbin ends up dropping him from his back. As Corbin tries to recover on the mat, Riddle applies the sleeper again. He applies body scissors and a crossface. Corbin finally gets to his feet. He runs at his opponent but misses. Corbin gets in a takes Corbin down with a clothesline and gets a two count.

Corbin drops Riddle with a straight right in the corner. He applies his knee on the back of Riddle’s neck. Corbin locks in a submission hold on his opponent’s jaw. The referee checks for submission. Corbin hits a sideslam on Riddle followed by a two count. They show a cool shot of the ThunderDome at Amway Center.

Riddle tries to fight back but Corbin ends up hitting a near fall. Corbin goes for a half crab submission. Riddle finally counters and kicks his opponent out of the ring after landing a kick to the side of Corbin’s head. Riddle goes to the outside but Corbin is up. Corbin rolls him into the ring and gets back in. Riddle lands another big kick. Riddle splashes with forearms onto Corbin and hits a running knee.

Two count from Riddle onto Baron Corbin. Riddle with a flurry of impressive strikes. The Original Bro looks intense as he tries to figure out how to put away Corbin. He calls on him to get up and kicks him a couple more times. Corbin lands a right, they exchange blows in the center of the ring. Riddle catches Corbin but Corbin comes right back. Both men are down in the ring.

A replay shows a kick from Riddle onto Corbin’s liver has doubled him over. Corbin puts Riddle up on the top rope in the corner. Riddle fights off and leaps off. Deep six by Corbin and a near fall with a two count. Corbin is clearly frustrated. Riddle locks in a triangle submission hold on Corbin.

The finish:

Corbin counters but Riddle hits Bro to Sleep. Riddle to the top rope, he hits the floating Bro! Cover by Riddle onto Corbin to win the match.

Winner, Matt Riddle

After the match, Riddle lets his emotion show through. Corbin looks dejected.

Backstage, Matt Riddle is shown walking backstage and he says onto greener pastures. Corbin shows up out of nowhere and attacks him. They go to catering where referees and officials pull him off. Producer Patt Buck checks on Riddle.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match
– Bayley & Sasha Banks (c) vs. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler

The start:

Nia Jax was going to start out but Shayna Baszler tags herself in. She goes at Sasha Banks. Banks lands a drop kick but gets on the middle rope and Baszler tees off. Banks counters with a modified abdominal stretch.

Mid-match notes:

Baszler tosses Banks to the outside. Bayley comes in and hooks in a waist lock. Baszler counters it into a hammer lock. Banks is back and takes down Baszler and gets a two count. She then locks in an abdominal stretch on the mat. Shayna gets up but Banks lands two suplexes. She tags in Bayley and they double team her. Sasha wanted three amigos ala Eddie Guerrero but couldn’t get them.

Nia his selling her left knee as she stopped a pin. Now Bayley and Banks are going at Jax but she absolutely dominates both of them. Baszler tags in Nia Jax who steamrolls through Bayley. She throws the SmackDown Women’s Champion around and lands a splash in the corner. She drops an elbow and gets a two count. Jax lifts Bayley up but she counters. Bayley tries to knock Baszler off the apron but she doesn’t. Banks comes in and hits a chop block on Jax.

The Champions double team Jax in the corner. Banks is the legal woman as she attacks Jax. She lands a nice dropkick in the ring. Bayley is tagged in The double team works to perfection. They have isolated Jax away from her partner. Bayley works the leg of Nia Jax as Michael Cole talks about her history of knee injuries. Jax recovers and lands an ugly slam on Bayley. She picks her up and puts her above her head. Banks comes in and gets the Samoa drop. She goes for a leg drop on Bayley but Bayley locks in a submission hold.

Nia Jax gets to her feet and drags Bayley with her to Baszler. Shayna is legal and she takes out the SmackDown Women’s Champion. Basler hits a sliding knee on Banks and one for Bayley. Gutwrench powerbomb from Basler onto Bayley for the two count. Banks is tagged in but she walks right into Baszler and a gutwrench powerbomb. Baszler tags in Nia Jax. The Champions are double teamed with a double splash.

Nia goes for a powerbomb but Banks counters. Jax went face first into the mat and Cole teases she may have a broken nose. Banks is down but Bayley is off the apron. Bayley climbs back up and tags in. She goes to the top rope but Banks tagged in prior. Banks hits a Frog Splash and they get a two count. Banks and Bayley trying to figure out how to regroup.

Banks hits a sliding knee on her opponent. Banks goes to the apron and attacks Jax on the inside. She gets back in and tags Bayley. They go for a double team but Jax counters and tags Baszler. Bayley and Banks hit a double back body drop on Jax. Banks gets attacked by Baszler as Shayna goes for a submission hold. Bayley in for the save.

The finish:

Baszler is able to lock in the Kirifuda Clutch on Bayley and she taps out. We have new champions.

Winners & NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Shayna Baszler & Sasha Banks

After the match, Baszler and Jax are interviewed in the ring and are hyped up. Banks and Bayley are beside themselves.

Singles Match
– Randy Orton vs. Keith Lee

Keith Lee entered to different music but there was still heavy criticism on Twitter. He is also getting lit up over the ring gear they’ve picked for him. Essentially, the belief seems to be WWE called Lee up with no plan. This match is going to be pivotal as to whether or not he can have success on Raw.

The start:

The bell rings and this one is underway. Side headlock from Orton onto Lee as he wrenches back on it hard to take him down. Lee holds on for life but is able to push Orton off the ropes. He runs into a forearm.

Mid-match notes:

Orton runs the ropes and straight into a cross body. Orton goes to the outside to regroup. Orton gets back in and tells Keith Lee he demands his respect. He chops him twice. Lee looks furious as Orton hits a third. Lee hits gracely magnum on Orton. Orton counters and gets Lee to the outside. He drops him on the announce desk. The referee continues the count as Orton gets back into the ring. Orton goes on the offensive on Lee.

Orton locks in a side headlock and wrenches back in control. Lee counters and ends up tossing Orton out of the ring. Lee lands a back body drop on Orton onto the announce desk. Lee rolls Orton into the ring but Randy counters. He taunts the crowd with Lee on the mat.

The finish:

Orton in viper position, stalking his opponent. Orton goes for the RKO but Lee hits the Spirit Bomb and pins Orton clean for the three count.

Winner, Keith Lee

After the match, we go to Paul Heyman who states Roman Reigns will leave this evening as WWE Universal Champion. Believe that.

Tag Team Match
– Seth Rollins & Murphy vs. Dominik & Rey Mysterio

The start:

Dominik acts like he is going to let Rey Mysterio start but he goes right at their opponents. Dominik hits a 619 on Murphy and gets in the ring.

Mid-match notes:

Seth Rollins is the legal man after tagging Murphy. He kicks Dominik in the midsection and applies a side headlock. He kicks the midsection of Dominik. Dominik kicks Rollins in the face and goes off the top rope, sending Rollins to the outside. Rollins destroys the announce desk and screams and Murphy.

Rollins back in the ring, he tags Murphy. Murphy gets in and Dominik goes for a hip toss. Dominik uses a wrist lock takeover. He follows with right hands. They isolate him to their corner and Mysterio tags in. Dominik and Rey double team Murphy in an awesome spot. Mysterio yells for Rollins to get his “punk ass” in the ring. Rollins tags himself in. Rollins tells Rey to be careful what he wishes for. Rey goes after Rollins but Rollins backs him down. Fast-paced action by Mysterio into a cover.

Rollins lifts Mysterio up and drops him down. Rollins tags Murphy as Mysterio knocks Murphy off the apron. Rollins throws Mysterio to the outside. He landed right to Murphy, who used to to initiate more punishment. Murphy puts Mysterio into the ring and gets a two count. Murphy tags Rollins and they double team Rey with Rollins burying his shoulder in Mysterio’s midsection. Rollins tags Murphy. More double team on Rey. Rey crumbles in the corner as Dominik looks on from his corner.

Murphy tags Rollins as they have Mysterio in the corner. Mysterio counters and takes out Murphy face-first, he tags in Dominik. Dominik goes off the top for a cross body but right into a Falcon Arrow by Rollins. He gets a two count, which he argues with the referee. Rollins stomps away at Dominik. He tags in Murphy. Murphy gets in and he and Rollins double team Dominik. Mysterio is off the apron trying to recover. Big punches and kicks from Murphy onto Dominik. Snap suplex from Murphy onto Dominik into a two count. Murphy locks in an abdominal stretch, the referee checks for submission.

It should be noted that Mysterio’s eye is still patched. He’s competing with one eye. Rollins tags in and he and Murphy double team Dominik. Rey begs for a tag as Rollins assaults his son in the ring. Dominik tries to battle back to the corner but Rollins shuts it down and throws Dominik to the outside. Rollins handles the referee while he tells Murphy to take out Dominik. Dominik counters though and gets back into the ring. He crawls to the corner but Rollins is back in and has him. Dominik kicks him off and tags Rey Mysterio in.

Mysterio lands offense on Rollins and buries his head into Rollins’ midsection. Rey goes off the top into a moonsault and a two count. Baseball slide by Rey, which sets up the 619. Rollins ducks it and lands offense. Mysterio counters and covers his opponent but Murphy makes the save. Dominik in and after Murphy and lands a big DDT. Rollins hits a Sling Blade on Dominik but Mysterio counters. Rollins hits a backbreaker on Mysterio, everyone is down.

Both Mysterio and Rollins get up as Dominik and Murphy battle on the outside. Mysterio dives on the outside onto Murphy. He gets on the apron and attacks Rollins. He goes off the top but Rollins counters and hits a kick to Rey face. He covers Rey but only gets a two count. A replay shows Rollins’ big kick to the face of Mysterio. Rollins says he’s going to do it himself. He’s looking for the Stomp. Rey gets up but Rollins slams him face first. Dominik in at the last moment to make the save. Murphy comes in and takes Dominik to the outside.

Rollins and Murphy take out Dominik on the outside. Rollins then throws Mysterio into the barricade. Rollins rolls Mysterio in at the count of six. Rollins questions, “Where’s your son now, Rey? Where’s your family now? Where’s Angie, huh?” Rollins tells Murphy to kick him in the head and tags him in. Murphy inadvertently kicks Rollins in the head.

The finish:

Mysterio recovers and sets Murphy up for 619 and tags in Dominik. He tosses his dad out onto Rollins. Dominik hits 619 on Murphy and follows it with the Frog Splash followed by the three count for the win.

Winners, Dominik & Rey Mysterio

No Holds Barred Triple-Threat Match for the WWE Universal Championship
– “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman

The arena goes black, including the virtual fans, for The Fiend’s entrance. Let me in. WWE’s stellar production is on full display as Wyatt’s entrance is unlike anything that could be produced elsewhere. The Fiend has the title belt around his neck.

The start:

Braun Strowman is already in the ring and he was already attacking The Fiend before the bell rang. He immediately goes for the two count.

Mid-match notes:

Braun Strowman is ticked and going HAM at Wyatt. Wyatt finally counters and hits Sister Abigail for a two count. There is no Roman Reigns in this match. Braun goes to the outside to recover. Strowman hits a knee but Wyatt counters. Wyatt puts Strowman through the announce desk with a Rock Bottom. Strowman is out as Alexa Bliss watches for a monitor form backstage. Corey Graves teases no one is safe.

Wyatt has a huge club or mallet of some kind. Strowman ambushes him from behind. Strowman hits a clubbing blow on Wyatt on the ring steps. Strowman grabs the mallet, which looks like it’s meant for Harley Quinn. Wyatt counters and picks up the mallet. He lands a blow right to Braun Strowman and then screams like an insane person. Wyatt slams Strowman’s head off the steps. Wyatt literally tried to rip Strowman’s head off his shoulders.

Strowman sets some of the ring stairs up against the barricade, he has the rest of them. He slams them into Strowman. Bliss is shown watching from the monitor. Strowman is thrown into the barricade by Wyatt Wyatt fights Strowman up the ramp and again tries to tear his head off. Strowman finally counters by throwing Wyatt into the video board.

This isn’t about winning the match, this is about survival if anything else. The Fiend battles back with a right hand. He looks for Sister Abigail but Strowman counters with a headbutt. He charges at Wyatt and throws him off the stage. Strowman gets on top of Wyatt and clubs away at him. Strowman takes Wyatt to the ring and rolls him in. Remember, the pinfall or submission HAS to take place in the ring.

Strowman gets to the top rope but he’s slow. The Fiend gets up and goes after him. They do battle at the top. The Fiend lands a superplex off the top rope. The ring implodes, ropes collapse and all. Both men are down as WWE pans the virtual audience. Roman Reigns comes out with Paul Heyman. They have the contract, to which Reigns signs at the top of the ramp.

Reigns has a steel chair. He surveys the damage, which includes an imploded ring. There is no official in the ring. Reigns covers Wyatt but he only gets a two count. Then again. Reigns pins Strowman but only gets a two count. Reigns rolls out and grabs a steel chair.

The ring is destroyed, the ringside area is destroyed. Reigns lights up Strowman with a steel chair. He covers him and only gets a two count. Wyatt gets up and goes for the Mandible Claw on Reigns. Reigns gets away after a low blow.

The finish:

Strowman is recovered in the ring. Reigns goes for the spear and hits it. He follows it with the cover.

Winner and NEW WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns


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