WWE Payback: Seth Rollins & Murphy vs. Dominik & Rey Mysterio

Tag Team Match
– Seth Rollins & Murphy vs. Dominik & Rey Mysterio

The start:

Dominik acts like he is going to let Rey Mysterio start but he goes right at their opponents. Dominik hits a 619 on Murphy and gets in the ring.

Mid-match notes:

Seth Rollins is the legal man after tagging Murphy. He kicks Dominik in the midsection and applies a side headlock. He kicks the midsection of Dominik. Dominik kicks Rollins in the face and goes off the top rope, sending Rollins to the outside. Rollins destroys the announce desk and screams and Murphy.

Rollins back in the ring, he tags Murphy. Murphy gets in and Dominik goes for a hip toss. Dominik uses a wrist lock takeover. He follows with right hands. They isolate him to their corner and Mysterio tags in. Dominik and Rey double team Murphy in an awesome spot. Mysterio yells for Rollins to get his “punk ass” in the ring. Rollins tags himself in. Rollins tells Rey to be careful what he wishes for. Rey goes after Rollins but Rollins backs him down. Fast-paced action by Mysterio into a cover.

Rollins lifts Mysterio up and drops him down. Rollins tags Murphy as Mysterio knocks Murphy off the apron. Rollins throws Mysterio to the outside. He landed right to Murphy, who used to to initiate more punishment. Murphy puts Mysterio into the ring and gets a two count. Murphy tags Rollins and they double team Rey with Rollins burying his shoulder in Mysterio’s midsection. Rollins tags Murphy. More double team on Rey. Rey crumbles in the corner as Dominik looks on from his corner.

Murphy tags Rollins as they have Mysterio in the corner. Mysterio counters and takes out Murphy face-first, he tags in Dominik. Dominik goes off the top for a cross body but right into a Falcon Arrow by Rollins. He gets a two count, which he argues with the referee. Rollins stomps away at Dominik. He tags in Murphy. Murphy gets in and he and Rollins double team Dominik. Mysterio is off the apron trying to recover. Big punches and kicks from Murphy onto Dominik. Snap suplex from Murphy onto Dominik into a two count. Murphy locks in an abdominal stretch, the referee checks for submission.

It should be noted that Mysterio’s eye is still patched. He’s competing with one eye. Rollins tags in and he and Murphy double team Dominik. Rey begs for a tag as Rollins assaults his son in the ring. Dominik tries to battle back to the corner but Rollins shuts it down and throws Dominik to the outside. Rollins handles the referee while he tells Murphy to take out Dominik. Dominik counters though and gets back into the ring. He crawls to the corner but Rollins is back in and has him. Dominik kicks him off and tags Rey Mysterio in.

Mysterio lands offense on Rollins and buries his head into Rollins’ midsection. Rey goes off the top into a moonsault and a two count. Baseball slide by Rey, which sets up the 619. Rollins ducks it and lands offense. Mysterio counters and covers his opponent but Murphy makes the save. Dominik in and after Murphy and lands a big DDT. Rollins hits a Sling Blade on Dominik but Mysterio counters. Rollins hits a backbreaker on Mysterio, everyone is down.

Both Mysterio and Rollins get up as Dominik and Murphy battle on the outside. Mysterio dives on the outside onto Murphy. He gets on the apron and attacks Rollins. He goes off the top but Rollins counters and hits a kick to Rey face. He covers Rey but only gets a two count. A replay shows Rollins’ big kick to the face of Mysterio. Rollins says he’s going to do it himself. He’s looking for the Stomp. Rey gets up but Rollins slams him face first. Dominik in at the last moment to make the save. Murphy comes in and takes Dominik to the outside.

Rollins and Murphy take out Dominik on the outside. Rollins then throws Mysterio into the barricade. Rollins rolls Mysterio in at the count of six. Rollins questions, “Where’s your son now, Rey? Where’s your family now? Where’s Angie, huh?” Rollins tells Murphy to kick him in the head and tags him in. Murphy inadvertently kicks Rollins in the head.

The finish:

Mysterio recovers and sets Murphy up for 619 and tags in Dominik. He tosses his dad out onto Rollins. Dominik hits 619 on Murphy and follows it with the Frog Splash followed by the three count for the win.

Winners, Dominik & Rey Mysterio