WWE Raw Results *SPOILERS*

One day removed from WWE Clash of Champions, the superstars of the red brand set their sights on the upcoming Hell in a Cell PPV. We have all the results here!

WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins opens the show talking about losing the Raw tag team titles, and then goes on to give Braun props for their match and for taking him to the limit. Seth then goes into detail about being attacked by “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt and confirms he will face Bray inside Hell in a Cell. Bray then appears on screen and tells Seth he hopes they become best friends and mentions that Seth has made many mistakes, and The Fiend doesn’t forget. Bray teased we may see more of The Fiend later on Raw

Braun Strowman is shown backstage upset and says whoever is in the ring next will “Get These Hands”.

Tag Team Championship Summit with new Smackdown Live tag team champions and new Raw tag team champions. Both teams are in the ring and cutting a promo when Braun Strowman’s music hits. Braun takes out both teams and stands in the ring to end the segment.

Womens tag team champions Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross are backstage and announce they will take on former champions, Sasha Banks and Bayley later in the show.

“The OC” AJ Styles, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson defeated Cedric Alexander & The Viking Raiders

Cedric Alexander and AJ Styles start the match. Cedric comes out hot out the gate with strikes and stuns the champion early. AJ can’t get going as Cedric continues the attack. Cedric tags in Erik as AJ makes the tag to Anderson. Erik dominates early as Ivar tags himself in to continue the dominance. Erik tags back in and Anderson makes the tag to Luke Gallows. The two man posture and Erik uses his strikes and agility to take it to Gallows. A mis-timed attack from Erick sends him outside where The OC use the numbers game to take him down. A hot tag to Ivar puts them back in the drivers seat and he uses his speed and agility to run wild on The OC. A tag to Alexander continues the offense, and both times trade blows and offense maneuvers. AJ makes the tag, unbeknownst to Cedric. A phenomenal forearm gets The OC the win. The two teams battle it out on the outside where Ivar hits a senton from the top rope to the outside. AJ finished the beatdown with a top rope Styles Clash.

24/7 Champion R-Truth and Carmella get a tour of Knoxville from Knoxville county Mayor, WWE’s very own Glenn Jacobs aka Kane.

Baron Corbin defeated Chad Gable in the King of the Ring Finals.

Both men spend the opening minutes of the match feeling each other out. Chad shows off his olympic mat wrestling by taking down Baron, however Baron uses his power to ground the former olympian. Gable sends Corbin to the outside and attempts to rush him, however Baron gives him a backdrop on the chairs in the timekeepers area. Back from the break, Gable is in danger of getting counted out, but manages to beat the count. Corbin uses his skills as a former golden gloves champion to beat down the former tag team champion. Corbin attempts to send Gable into the rope but Gable counters and goes for an Ankle Lock. Corbin gets out but gets posted. The WWE Universe starts to rally behind Gable as he goes to the top rope and hits a missile dropkick. Gable lands repeated strikes in the corner but Corbin counters the last one into a power slam for a near fall. Corbin takes Gable to the outside and rams him into the barricades. Gable then targets the leg and rams Corbin’s leg into the post multiple times. Gable lands repeated forearms back in the ring only to be hit with a Deep Six for a near fall. Chad Gable goes to the top rope for a moonsault, Corbin counters but Gable locks in the ankle lock and has the entire arena behind him, but Corbin manages to get to the bottom rope for the break. Gable goes for another move and Corbin counters into the End of Days for the win. This was an electric match that showcased the skills of Gable, and elevated Corbin above most of the superstars on the rosters without a championship.

The Street Profits host the gender reveal party where Maria Kanellis reveals her baby is a boy. Maria then reveals Ricochet is the father of her child. Ricochet denies the claim and gets slapped by Mike Kanellis who then tells him to meet him in the ring.

Ricochet defeated Mike Kanellis 

Not much happened here. Ricochet didn’t want to fight Mike early on and tried to explain he wasn’t the father. After a slap and a punch from Mike, Ricochet went on the offensive. Ricochet hit the Recoil for the victory.

Bray Wyatt appears on the screen in the Firefly Fun House. He is adding picture frames of the men he has attacked on the wall. He says it’s time for him to go find some more friends.

Maria Kanellis is on stage and admits Ricochet was not the father. Right as she is going to reveal who it is, Rusev’s music hits. Mike Kanellis attempts to back away from Rusev, but Rusev attacks Mike and throws him back into the ring as the bell rings.

Rusev defeated Mike Kanellis

Already weakened by Rusev’s earlier offense, Mike Kanellis didn’t stand much of a chance. Rusev hit the Matchka kick and applied the Accolade for the submission victory. This is an interesting development, and we don’t yet know if Rusev actually is the father. Lana did not return with Rusev, which may tell us all we need to know.

Rey Mysterio defeated Cesaro

Cesaro taunts Rey by telling him if he ever sees his son, he will do to him what he is about to do to Rey. Rey takes umbrage with this, and attacks Cesaro. Both men get in the ring and the bell rings. Cesaro dominates Rey early with European strikes. Rey counters and posts Cesaro, however Cesaro grounds him with an uppercut. Cesaro attempts a suplex to the outside, but Rey counters and hits the 619 onto Cesaro’s back. Rey then dives to the outside and hits a tornado DDT. Back from the break, Cesaro has Rey in a headlock, but Rey uses his innovative offense to counter. Rey goes for a springboard, but gets met with a European uppercut that sends him to the arena floor. Cesaro does a senton over the top rope onto Rey back in the ring, and applies another headlock. Rey counters with a crucifix driver and tried to rally the crowd behind him. Rey then hits a springboard moonsault which he then turns into another tornado DDT for the near fall. Rey goes for the 619 and Cesaro turns it in to a military press slam and drops Rey sternum first onto his knee. Cesaro then insults Rey by attempting to use the three amigos made famous by the late, great Eddie Guerro. Rey goes for his trademark springboard but Cesaro counters and goes for the neutralizer. Rey turns it into a pin and gets the victory. The two have great chemistry and one can only wonder what they could do on a bigger stage. Here’s hoping they get that chance in the future.

Knoxville County Mayor Glenn Jacobs pins R-Truth to become the new 24/7 champion.

Bray Wyatt appears once again in the Firefly Fun House and is shown hanging another picture. This time it’s of current Universal Champion Seth Rollins. The picture has devil horns drawn on it. The segment ends with Bray’s sinister smile, foreshadowing there is more to come.

A video package airs for AOP, and we get an inside look into who these two men are. They say they are fighters and no one wants to fight them because they are scared and don’t have the heart to fight them. They give a warning to the tag team division, that the future is written in pain.

Bayley & Sasha Banks defeated Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross

Alexa Bliss and Bayley start the match and Alexa takes it to Bliss early. Bayley can’t seem to recover, and gets sent to the outside. Alexa tags in Nikki Cross and Bayley manages to get the upper hand. Bayley tags in Sasha and they double team Cross. Bayley attacks Alexa Bliss outside while Sasha takes out Nikki Cross. Bayley targets Alexa’s leg and send her into the stairs. The trainers come out to check on Alexa’s leg as the show goes to break. Back from the break, its a 2-on-1 handicap match. Nikki Cross tries her best to survive, but Sasha Banks locks in the Bank Statement for the submission victory. After the match, Sasha gets a chair and is about to attack Cross when Becky Lynch runs out with her own chair. The two attempt to hit each other when Bayley runs in. Charlotte Flair then runs down to make the save, and the two stand tall. This was a good match that told the continued story of Bayley’s dark turn. The challengers were the better team here, and showed a cohesion the champions just couldn’t get past. One has wonder if this means Banks and Bayley are in line for a title shot.

Sasha Banks cuts a promo backstage and challenges Becky Lynch to a match at WWE Hell in a Cell.

R-Truth hides on top of Glenn Jacob’s limo and catches Glenn from behind to regain the 24/7 championship.

Becky Lynch is shown backstage and says they went to war and she loves it. Becky says she’s not going to face Sasha AT Hell in a Cell. She wants to face her IN Hell in a Cell. This rivalry has gotten very personal, and this looks to be the only way these two can settle their differences.

Lacey Evans defeated Dana Brooke 

Lacey Evans tries to get the early upper hand on Dana Brooke, but Dana uses her power to get ahead. The two brawl to the outside, where Lacey takes control. Lacey locks in a submission on Dana to weaken her, which Dana counters and hits her with a clothesline. Dana goes for a cartwheel and gets caught by Lacey’s knees. Lacey hits the Women’s right and instead of going for the pin, locks in the sharpshooter for the submission victory. Lacey using the submission of her current rival, Natalya, sends a clear message. Natalya won’t take too kindly to that, and will be looking to retaliate.

Seth Rollins defeated Robert Roode via DQ

Seth Rollins and Robert Roode test each other out early, with both men gaining the upper hand. Rollins finishes the sequence with an arm bar on Roode, which Roode counters. Robert Roode is met with a power slam and a knee to the face. Rollins and Roode continue to trade offense back and forth. Rollins attempts to finish Roode, but Dolph Ziggler provides the distraction. Rollins chases Ziggler around the ring, where Roode attempts to surprise him. Rollins isn’t fooled, however, and catches Roode with a knee. While the referee’s back is turned, Ziggler attacks Rollins which gives Roode the upper hand as the show goes to commercial. Back from the break, Roode is laser focused on Rollin’s ribs. He goes for a cover but Rollins kicks out. Rollins goes for a springboard knee but Roode dodges, and tries for a spine buster which Rollins counters. Rollins hits a buckle bomb and a Stomp, and right as he is going to win, Ziggler runs in for the DQ. Ziggler starts attacking Rollins, but Seth isn’t having any of it. Seth tries to fight off Roode and Ziggler, but The OC decide to make their presence known and run down to beat down Seth. Anderson & Gallows hit the Magic Killer, and AJ follows that up with a Styles Clash. All 5 men continue to beat down the Universal Champion.

Kane then makes his return to WWE to even the odds and take out all 5 superstars in the ring. Right as Kane is about to make it rain fire, the lights go down. The familiar screech of music plays, and The Fiend is standing behind Kane. The Fiend applies the Mandible Claw and chokes out Kane. The show ends with The Fiend leaning over Seth Rollins, and a distorted version of the Firefly Fun house music and graphic playing on the screen. This final sequence was great, though The OC attacking Seth was seemingly done at random. If Seth is going to combat all these men, he’s going to need some help. The Fiend choking out Kane and then standing over Rollins shows his dominance and continues to prove that this incarnation of Bray Wyatt is very, very dangerous.


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