WWE Rebrands NXT Women’s Championship, Becky Lynch Issues Statement

WWE began phasing out the “Women’s” part of the NXT Women’s Championship during Wednesday’s NXT broadcast. Rhea Ripley was simply referred to as “NXT Champion” in graphics and by the broadcast team, while Kay Lee Ray was simply “NXT UK Champion.”

PWInsider is reporting there was an “internal decree” to remove the gender-specific designation. There’s no word yet on when or if this change will be implemented on Raw and SmackDown.

Before this took place, Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch made a timely comment on WWE Backstage on Tuesday night regarding the women’s division:

“The best thing for the Women’s division right now is that we eliminate the term ‘Women’s.’ I think that it’s now starting to hold us back. Why do we need that division? We need people. We need characters. We need people looking for the main events. Not the top Women’s spot, the top spot.”

Lynch took to Twitter on Thursday to clarify she wasn’t calling for a renaming of the division as many fans related NXT’s changes to her comments: