WWE Seemingly Offering Lesser Money To Re-Sign Fired Superstars

WWE fired several members of staff and that includes Superstars on April 15th. Some of them found new homes in other promotions. It seems WWE tried to give some of the released Superstars contracts again, but the pay was not what they expected.

As reported by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE reached out to “several of the people” they released. However, the contracts they were offered were not like the previous ones. It was said these contracts were for released Superstars and other members of staff. The money that was offered was far less compared to their old contracts.

We’ve been told that several of the people who left and signed elsewhere did get offers to return, but for lower money.

It was noted that WWE wanted to re-hire No Way Jose but there have been no updates regarding his status. They have been offering contracts worth less money despite the company earning record profits in the quarters since their release.


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