WWE Star Reveals He Went To Vince McMahon Over Creative Frustration

Braun Stroman was recently interviewed by Sam Roberts, where he discussed frustration over his creative direction in WWE. He told a story of going directly to Vince McMahon about it.

“I was like, ‘Vince, what is going on? I’m miserable.’ And he talked me off a ledge,” Strowman recalled. “He was like, ‘Look, big man, I want you for the long haul. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing right now. I care about what you’re doing 10 years from now. I’ve invested in you, you’re one of my guys. Don’t worry. You’re fine.’”

“And just hearing that, coming from that man … I dunno … legitimately I walked into the production meeting one day and I was like, ‘I’ve had enough.’ I was just mad about everything. He kicked everybody out of the production meeting — like two hours before Raw was about to start, the show wasn’t even done — and talked to me for forty-five minutes, heart-to-heart, man-to-man conversation and opened my eyes to the picture of like ‘wow, why am I worrying about this?’ Vince doesn’t get the credit that is due to him. And if he hears this, he’s gonna get pissed off that I’m saying his name and putting him over.”

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