WWE To Release More Problematic Superstars?

Rumors are swirling on social media that WWE may be on the verge of making more mass cuts. This time, those cuts would be for problematic talent.

Within the last week, WWE released Jack Gallagher, Ligero, and Travis Banks following sexual assault accusations. However, Sean Ross Sapp noted on Friday that WWE is serious about “cleaning up their roster” when it comes to “problematic wrestlers.”

More specifically, there are rumors that Velveteen Dream is one of the top names in hot water. When Matt Men Pro Wrestling Podcast reported that Dream’s days in WWE are numbered, Sapp backed the report by saying he’s heard “some not so wonderful news about him that doesn’t have to do with any of the allegations.”

WWE has a lot on their hands these days with a COVID-19 outbreak and sexual assault accusations toward several roster members. It wouldn’t be surprising at this point if the company decides to try and eliminate one of those problems to the best of their abilities.

Stay tuned for the latest developments.


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