AJ Styles On How He Was Always Assisted By Chris Jericho

AJ Styles is a veteran in the professional wrestling world. He compared in several promotions including Impact Wrestling, ROH and NJPW until finally coming to WWE in 2016 It. was the first time he performed in front of the WWE Universe.

Styles was engaged in a feud with Chris Jericho upon arrival in WWE. It culminated in a match at WrestleMania. While talking about the feud on his Twitch stream, AJ Styles revealed just how much Chris Jericho assisted him during his early days in the company.

“I love Chris. I can’t say enough good things about him. The dude is just awesome. My first WrestleMania was with Chris and he was all about helping me out. From the Royal Rumble when I debuted all the way to WrestleMania, he was always trying to help me out. Big thanks to Chris.”

Styles has been drafted to Monday Night RAW during the recent WWE Draft.


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