Big Title Change On WWE RAW

If you have not watched Raw yet and do not want to be made aware of a major spoiler, then please DO NOT read any further!

As previously announced, there was one Title match announced for tonight, featuring AJ Styles vs Braun Strowman for the United States Championship. However, The OC had other plans as they interfered in the match, causing a DQ. While they continued to beat down Strowman, Seth Rollins came out to the ring and made the save.

This led to Rollins telling Strowman about how he noticed him eyeing up his Championship last week, and ended up with Rollins naming Strowman the next competitor for the Title. But things were not done there! This also led to the duo teaming up to challenge The OC for the Raw Tag Team Championship!

In a very shocking turn of events, Rollins and Strowman pulled off the impossible and WON the match to become your NEW Raw Tag Team Champions!

Jason’s Take: I have to say I was shocked by them winning the Titles! WWE played this out perfectly and made it seem like they would turn on one another, however, the opposite happened (for now) and they won!


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