Backstage News On Tyson Fury’s Upcoming Match And Future In WWE

Tyson Fury’s upcoming match against Braun Strowman at WWE Crown Jewel is set to be a one-time thing, reports Dave Meltzer.

Fury’s next fight isn’t until February and he agreed to use some of his free time to do something different that will only increase his profile with WWE. Fury has been hard at work, training every day at the WWE Performance Center. According to people that seen him train, Fury is determined to not embarrass himself in the pro wrestling ring.

Fury actually came to WWE about an opportunity several years ago but a deal couldn’t be reached. Now just recently, WWE reached out to him about doing this match with Strowman.

As for Fury’s match taking place in Saudi Arabia at the WWE special, Meltzer reports The Prince wanted Fury in the country. It’s unknown if having him on the Crown Jewel card means extra money but it is something The Prince specifically wanted.


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