Bayley Finally Turns On Sasha Banks

Bayley turned on Sasha Banks on this week’s episode of WWE Friday Night SmackDown.

The turn happened after Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax beat Bayley and Banks to retain the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship. Medical personnel came out to check on Banks after the match but Banks pushed them away.

Bayley helped Banks up and took her out of the ring. As they were on their way to the back, Bayley attacked Banks and worked her “injured” leg. Bayley took her back to the ring and continued the assault. Bayley attempted to put Banks’ leg in a chair but Banks countered. Bayley was able to trap Banks’ head in the chair and she jumped off the middle rope and stomped on the chair.

After a commercial break, Banks was shown being loaded into an ambulance.


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