Big Cass On WWE Release, Making Vince McMahon Furious

Big Cass was recently a guest on Chris Jericho’s podcast where he discussed his WWE release and Vince McMahon being furious at him for going off script in Montreal.

“I kind of just lost my mind towards the end. I was battling with some things, with some mental health issues that I didn’t speak up about, or I didn’t tell anybody, there were like two people,” Cass revealed. “I was just out of control, drinking a lot, making very, very bad decisions, going off script on live television, which was a very, very big mistake.”

What made him decide to go off script:

“I went out there in Montreal, very smart mark crowd, and when I gave the little person the boot, I looked out in the crowd and, this segment was designed to get me mega heat, like mega f***ing heat, and after I did that, I looked out in the crowd and to be honest with you, I’d say half the people were laughing, I guess they thought it was funny. And in my mind, I was thinking, this is not what they want behind the curtain. This was specifically designed to get me like, uber, uber heat. So then I was panicking because I was like, this is not the reaction they want, so then I did what I thought was right [continued to beat up the little person]. And when I got back through the curtain, it was very, very bad. It was a bad night for me.”

On whether or not this made Vince McMahon unhappy:

“That is the understatement of the century. Furious. He was furious.”

You can check out that promo embedded above. We have audio from the podcast below…

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