Big WCW And WWE Name Officially On AEW (Spoiler)

The following article contains spoilers for AEW Dynamite on October, 23rd, 2019! If you have not watched and do not want to be spoiled, please do not read further!

On tonight’s AEW Dynamite, Cody was seen in a distant face off with Jericho and others from ringside. During the confrontation, Cody would bring out others to support him to face Jericho’s four member team. The first to come out was Dustin Rhodes, followed by MJF. But the final member to join was Diamond Dallas Page.

This is significant in the sense that DDP did appear on AEW Double or Nothing. Following that appearance, it was noted that DDP was still under a WWE Legends contract. However, following his appearance tonight, it seems that deal is dead and done. We are not sure what the official status is between WWE and DDP, but will be trying to find out more information!


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