David Benoit Wants to Join AEW

In a recent interview with Pro and Bro Podcast with Fred Rosser, David Benoit (Son of Chris Benoit), appeared and was interviewed about his future. During the podcast, he stated the following:

”I want to go to AEW one hundred percent. I love AEW. I love what they do for the boys. Take care of them.”

Also during the interview, he would go on to talk about how he isn’t permitted backstage at WWE events any longer, despite being permitted in the past. However, David would not elaborate on the reason. But during his recent trips to WWE events, he has been seen sporting an AEW shirt or sweatshirt.

We at Wrestle Pages will definitely be following this story very closely! If you would like to give a listen to the broadcast in its entirety, you may do so here:

Jason’s Take: I honestly believe that WWE will NOT sign David, and I mean ever. Unfortunately, WWE has been at the head of many allegations and lawsuits from both the family and the public. If they were to sign him and let him wrestle, it could severely backfire and turn many fans off from the WWE product.


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