Did Corey Graves Take A Shot At AEW Champ Chris Jericho On SmackDown?

Corey Graves made a reference to the AEW World Title being stolen during the broadcast of this week’s episode of SmackDown. After Drake Maverick won the WWE 24/7 Title, Graves remarked, “I’m sure he’ll celebrate and take a limousine to a chain restaurant.”

Check it out here:

Apparently people on Twitter considered it as Corey Graves “taking a shot” at Chris Jericho. Here’s what he said in regards to that:

Dear Internet,

You’ll KNOW when I take a “shot.” I hate to burst your bubble, but sometimes a friend can make a joke about a friend.

You should try it. It’s a lot of fun.

The AEW World Title was legit stolen after Jericho took a limo from the airport to a LongHorn steakhouse. This morning, the Tallahassee Police Department claimed the title belt was recovered but now they can’t confirm.

Only in pro wrestling, folks!


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