Dr. Luther On Almost Being Part Of The Brood

The Attitude Era featured several popular stables in WWE and one of them was The Brood. It comprised of Gangrel, Edge, and Christian. It seems Dr. Luther would have been in the stable as well.

While speaking to Talk Is Jericho, Luther explained WWE initially planned on having him team up with Gangrel to be a tag team. He said that people still tell him that they look similar. However, that plan did not work out in the end. Here is what he said:

“No, but I heard that I was still on their radar because I was told from a couple people a few different things,” Luther recalled. “I was told they were thinking of putting me in a tag team with a guy named Gangrel, because they said we both kind of looked alike, which I actually, to this day, still get people who think I’m Gangrel. So there was talk about me and him doing The Brood thing, and then I lost that job out to two of our friends instead.”

We do wonder how Dr. Luther would have fit in as part of the Brood.